Monday, April 02, 2007

Color Swap March - from Sonya

Look at the goodies I got from Sonya in the March Color Swap. My Mom is modeling the goods, along with her dog Charlie. Aren't they cute? Sonya spoiled me with:
- an awesome felted vase, which I will use to hold my knitting needles. See her blog for the whole story.
- the book "Socks, Socks, Socks", has gorgeous pictures and patterns
- 2 balls wildfoote sock yarn
- neat ball of bamboo yarn
- green tote
- beautiful, reversible green knit-tote. Just the right size for sock knitting.


Sonya said...

You're very welcome! I was a little leary, I have never knitted for another knitter before.
Can't wait to see the yarns you will dye.

Lora said...

I love that vase Sonya made for you!! I wish I could have seen it in person! BTW, I'm the one who made the sock bag. Sonya asked me to help her out and make ya one!! Hope you like it!