Friday, March 30, 2007

First SP10 Contest for Robin's Group

When I joined SP10 I didn't know we'd have fun contests! I'm in Robin's group and our assignment is to answer this

Please post (on your blog) about your favorite yarn and your least favorite yarn (if you have one!) What have you made with it? Tell us about your experiences!

Hmm...this is a hard one. My favorite yarn is usually the one I'm knitting with at the time. Really. We all put so much time and effort into our knitting crafting that I hope we all love the yarn we are using. So, that said, I'd say my favorite yarn is Debbie Bliss Cashmerino. I'm using it for Cardigan for Arwen (almost finished) and simply love working with this yarn. It's soft, great stitch definition, and slight sheen.

Least favorite? 2 years ago I made 7 scarves for Christmas presents - out of eyelash yarn. At the time it was fun but.. I think I don't need to knit with that yarn anymore :-)


Miss said...

Hey Pal!! I'm just checking in to say hello. I know what you mean as far as "loving the one you're with" when it comes to yarn! Everytime I hit up the LYS I have a new favorite. How are things going in the dye department? I'm sooo jealous of your studio. Have a good week!!

Your Pal.

Cheryl said...

Hi Jana
Just want to be sure you got my comment about the scok knitting, you can email me sewsew23ATcomcastDOTnet