Tuesday, April 24, 2007

My baby - Scout

Here's my gorgeous girl, Scout! She is our second black lab. She was supposed to be a fancy-shmancy show dog (she has quite the pedigree) but because she has some white hair on her legs and muzzle (called brindle), she became available for us! She is very loving, has the run of the house all the time, and sleeps in her own twin bed in my son's bedroom :-)
Guess who she's named after.


Sonya said...

Scout is living high on the hog!

Glad to know it is not just Hutch living the high life.

Miss said...

What a sweet dog! I just wanted to let you know that you should be watching the mail this week for a little sumthin'....have a great day!

SP10 Pal

sunneshine said...

HI Scout!! What a sweetheart you are! And I bet that look gets ya a lot of spoiling!!

Calling Kahlo said...

She's a beauty. I love black labs, there's just something about their personality.

Nichole said...

She's a beauty! (found you thru Sonya)