Thursday, September 27, 2007

Progress on Juliet

I've been focused on Juliet so have not been able to start on the Waterfall yarn from the first shipment of the Woolgirl Sock Club. But I did manage to wind it and find an awesome Knitting Witch sock bag for it, from White Willow

I am loving Juliet and should finish it this weekend.
And, last but not least, I've wound my sport weight Thelma & Louise yarn and it also has its own White Willow sock bag!
I am really having knitting project fever this week; I've purchased several patterns and the yarn for them is on its way. More on those projects soon, but I'm also keeping ravelry up to date.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Knitting HAS and WILL happen!

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Da mail has arrived! I've been not-patiently awaiting several yarn packages this week. Found this on my porch from WEBS - first, on the right, Debbie Bliss Stella yarn to knit Sanpoku sweater from Berroco. I've been yearning for a warm-weather, silk blend and this looks amazing. Then, below, some luxury Lantern Moon circular needles for - ta da -

Juliet from ZephyrStyle in Plymouth Royal Silk Merino! A gorgeous shade of jewel red. I'm going to cast on RIGHT NOW! TGIF!!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Christmas Around the World Knitter's Swap Questionaire

1. Are you religious? I am a Christian.
2. How long have you been knitting? Would you consider yourself a Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced? I'd say I'm intermediate but I'll pretty much tackle any pattern and figure things out eventually.
3. Do you have any other hobbies besides knitting? Oh my, too many. I dye yarn. I make jewelry and love home design. I make art quilts with handdyed fabric. I play golf and am always reading lots of books. bike riding, walking my dog, hiking, travel
4. Favorite color(s)? Red, oranges, lime and avocado greens
5. Do you collect anything? No, not really.
6. Are you allergic to any fibers or animals? Nope.
7. Do you have any pets? Yes, my black lab Scout
8. Coffee, Tea, or Hot Chocolate? Coffee
9. Cookies or Sweets? Both.
10. Do you knit socks? Yep.
11. If not socks then what? (tell us about your favorite knits)Tank tops, light sweaters
12. Do you put up a Christmas tree? If not then what do you do?Usually we do.
13. Favorite holiday treats? Cut out cookies with icing
14. Favorite holiday smells? Spice. Vanilla, pine too.
15. Do you celebrate Christmas in a traditional or unconventionalway? Please elaborate. Fairly traditional. We live far from family sowe usually fly to either Michigan or Iowa for Christmas. We do notspend a lot on gifts, just spend time together.
16. What are your favorite holiday traditions? At our home we have atree and a few presents. We make a gingerbread house. We walk aroundour neighborhood and sing Christmas Carols and my son plays the trumpet.I attend The Nutcracker ballet with a friend and usually attend TheMessiah concert at Duke University. I sang in The Messiah, as asoprano, for many years. 17. Finish the sentence: "For me Christmas is all about...."family
18. If you were a Christmas ornament you would be.......? A lightbulb
19. What was your favorite gift you've ever received? Or given? We spend a lot of money and time to travel to family for the Christmas holidays, so every year I'd say that's my favorite gift.
20. When do you start your Christmas? December 1
21. Do you send Christmas cards? Do you make them or buy them? Formany years I made them. Now I write a note and put photos of our yearin it.
22. What is your favorite Christmas dish? Red jello with creamcheese
23. Carolers are at your door. What do you do? Walk outside, smile,listen and maybe sing along. And always applaud afterwards!
24. When do you open presents? Christmas eve or Christmas morning? Eve. We attend church on Christmas morning.
25. Do you celebrate with family or friends or both? both

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Sock Knitting bags in store

Well after much research and several experiments I have finally figured out how to make Sock Pouches! Last month I bought one from H. L. Miller's etsy store and I just loved it. I tried to buy more in a fabric that I loved and search everywhere on the internet but could not find one to purchase. So I decided to try to make some myself. Let me tell you these are not easy to make but after many late nights I figured out how to make some that please me.

So now I am making some for my etsy store and some to sell at the Southeast Animal Fiber Festival (SAFF) in Asheville in October.

And, on another note, the over-90-degree weather that we've had here in NC for the month of August finally eased a bit so we went for a long bike ride today after church service. It was wonderful to be able to breathe outside again! Jana