Friday, April 13, 2007

ideas for new tvyarn colorways?

This weekend I think I'll try out some new colorways for the tvyarn line in whiteoakstudio. Maybe some oranges/reds, yellows, and violet/purple. And there's a new navy bluish color that I've been wanting to try out.

If YOU have any ideas for colorways for your favorite tv show or movie, leave me a comment and I may just try it out!!

Jana @ whiteoakstudio


Mia said...

I love old tv shows so I would like to recommend Emergency and M*A*S*H. And what about an I Love Lucy colorway. A whole new line of vintage tv colors.

Tracy said...

Just found your etsy studio and blog :) How about shows from this past year?

Friday Night Lights: Blue/yellow/white/grass green

Heroes: Save the Cheerleader, Save the world! Red/white/green/blue

Grey's Anatomy: Grey/black/shades of red

And, since the Sopranos concludes this year, they totally need a colorway. But not sure what it should be...gunmetal grey, money green, blood red...and some flesh colors???

white oak studio said...

Tracy, thanks for the ideas!

I just dyed some Grey's Anatomy and it looks great! I'll post it on my website soon.


white oak studio said...

Mia, I did some MASH and I Love Lucy! take a look on my etsy website!