Tuesday, March 13, 2007

My Dye Studio

My dye studio
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Here is one area of my dye studio - I have a wonderful view of our enormous white oak out of my window, thus the name White Oak Studio. Hopefully the next photo you see will show it more organized and fully stocked with supplies! I put in several orders today and have one more large one to do with a new supplier.

The drying area is to the left of the photo, and I can also take the yarn out the door (to the left) when the weather is dry and warm.

Click here to view some of the colorways I am designing.


Sonya said...

Jana, I cannot decide which I like best. They are all incredible! I want them all. Is it sock yarn?? If it is I will most defintely have to learn to knit socks.

Cheryl said...

Did you want to know the Feb challenge sock? The White chocolate covered cherries? That is a Heartstrings pattern and is called chocolate covered cherries. If you mean the green one, it is Twist and SHout, if you google twist and shout sock the pattern appears. How are you? SP10 should be fun.

Cheryl said...

Me too, I want them all....I love the bright green...

Miss said...

You're studio looks great! I'm sooo jealous. I hope you had a good weekend and a good St. Patrick's day. Watch the mailbox this week for a little sp suprise! :)

Your Pal