Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I love to shop

Well I'm hot on the trail of some wonderful surprises for my Color Swap pal and my Knitted Purse Swap pal. I am a serious shopper - really. After I had spent an hour at T.J. Maxx once, digging through the piles of clothes looking for the magic red clearance tags, I sighed loudly and said to the well-dressed woman next to me "Why do I do this? It's hard work!". With a straight face, she wisely answered "It's a sport.". So true.

I have to admit I'm finding it harder than I expected to decide on my swap gifts. I want to give something that's "just right". But I am enjoying the process and am glad that we have deadlines to make our decisions.

One of my husband's businesses is a packaging/shipping store so he'll be in charge of shipping my gifts when they are ready. I love delegating.

And today I made a big yarn purchase for me. I've decided to learn how to knit socks. I've been seeing hand-dyed sock yarn around that is just pulling me in. I've ordered Monarch sock yarn from Angora Valley after seeing some bloggers post about their purchases. Of course I had to order 3 skeins so now I'm committed!

On the top left is one of my art quilts made with my hand-dyed cotton. This one is titled "Color Study 2" and it's about 18inches wide and 5 feet high. It was in a show at a local art center for the month of October 2006.

Happy shopping!

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