Friday, August 10, 2007

Christmas/Holiday Movie tvyarn contest results

Meet "The Polar Express"!

I really loved all your entries but the colors and the amazing emotional appeal of "The Polar Express" intrigued me. It's not one that I would have picked on my own, so I loved the idea of it. After 3 tries and 2 failures, I came close to what I was trying to capture. Midnight blue, shades of violet moonlight on snow, hot chocolate and shades of golden yellow for the beaming light. Ah.

So, both "emicat" and "vegasangelbrat" contributed to the idea and colors - so BOTH of you win 2 skeins of "The Polar Express". And then for the other 41 of you I did a random number generation and "kimncocoa" won. So will the three of you please send me your name and address? To whiteoakstudio at yahoo dot com

thanks! this was great fun! Jana


Knittymuggins said...

Wow!! The yarn looks gorgeous Jana!! Great job :) And lucky lucky winners too! Thanks for a really fun contest :)

Robin said...

That's beautiful!! Why didn't I think of that one? Lucky winners!!

emicat said...

Oh wow, that is beautiful! thanks for a fun contest :)

vegasangelbrat said...

Oh that is so gorgeous! OMG..Contest was really fun Thank you!! Hard to believe I had something to do with this..but I "Believe" now :)

Channon said...

Mary's going to love that yarn!! Woohooo and congrats to all three winners.