Saturday, August 04, 2007

Christmas/Holiday Movie TVYARN CONTEST!!

Well, yes, it's August but just this week I started to get Christmas fever and I'm ready to create some Christmas/Holiday-themed sock yarn! I need help with ideas so let's have a contest. The prize will be 2 skeins of the yarn that you will help to create by participating in the contest.

So leave a comment and tell me
1) the title of your favorite Christmas/Holiday movie
2) what colors you would put in yarn inspired by the movie and WHY you would choose those colors for the movie. So give me an eloquent and passionate rationale. Or just a funny one.

I'll pick the winner based on what I think is the best Christmas/Holiday movie/colors inspiration and reasoning. Remember you can pick the same movie that someone else chose and give your own colors/reason. Then I'll dye the yarn and let y'all take a look. Make sense? (And do not choose Elf because I dyed that one yesterday :-) )

So leave a comment by 5pm Wednesday August 8, 2007. If I get more than 30 entries I'll give 2 prizes - one for best entry and one random winner. So tell your friends! Jana


Laura said...

My favorite Christmas movie is...
A Christmas Story!
When I think of that movie, there are several scenes that stick out in my head...and ones that make us laugh, here goes...
The first color would have to be pink. This would be for the Bunny Pajamas that Poor Ralphie gets from Aunt Clara...the scene that has me rolling around on the floor as the old man says "He looks like a derranged Easter Bunny!" It is NOT officially Christmas until I see Ralphie in his pink bunny pj's. The second color would be Black. This represents 2 things for me...The Evil Santa's boots and the fringe on the Leg Lamp..marked Fragilay! These are 2 scenes that we repeat all Christmas! "you'll shoot your eye out! Ho, Ho, ho!"
and the third color would be silver. Who can forget Flick and the Flagpole? "Stuck? STUCK!!!!" We loved that scene so much (really do to Ralphie's "the bell rang!") that we even found Christmas cards one year that had a kid with his tongue stuck to the flagpole!

So, to recap...Pink for the bunny pajamas, black for the leg lamp fringe and deranged Santa's boots and silver for the flagpole Flick sticks his tongue to.

This is so my favorite movie. I long for the days every year where TBS does the 24 hour marathon...and we have to watch it at the very least, twice!
SOO, Deck the hars with bows of horry..fa ra ra ra ra ra ra ra!

Phara said...

My fave is White Christmas. The colors would be white, of course. Red because of the costumes they wear at the end. Pink because they are sisters. And green, but more of a limey green just because it would go better, because they stay at the inn in Vermont where they have lots of trees.

Hanne said...

My favorite Christimas movie is the Snowman. Finnish tv shows it every year. It's English movie so you might not be familiar with it, but the movie has good webpage here:
The colors should be blue - because midnight sky is blue when the Snowman and James fly - and some yellow for stars, and greyish white for snow. Even the snow isn't pure white when it's dark.

muoriska said...

I have to agree with Hanne, that x-mas won't come without the Snowman.

Colors shoud be misty grey, white, steelblue ( I can show you that color from a skein of yarn..), hint of dark grey, dark green, and dash of pink ( that you can see when sun goes down in late autumn) and something to make it sparkle, like the x-mas magic ( or spirit..)

emicat said...

I really like The Polar Express movie. I loved the animation and I loved the underlying story of to always believe, whatever that may be to each of us.

As far as the colourway for this Polar Express yarn, I'd choose a light grey or light blue and add some darker hues of blue to replicate the midnight sky and snow and also include a golden yellow to represent the bright light coming from inside the train.

Jennifer said...

I love Scrooged - the Bill Murray comedy based on A Christmas Carol. Bill Murray is just awesome in it - so sarcastic. And I love Mary Lou Retton as Tiny Tim. The best supporting characters were the ghosts - Buster Pointdexter as cab driver that is the Ghost of Christmas Past and Carol Kane as a fairy that is the Ghost of Christmas Present. And Death of as the Ghost of Chritmas Future. So my colorway would be inspired by the Ghosts. Dark green and red for the wreaths/holly hung around the first ghost's cab, baby pink for the second ghost, and black for the third ghost. I'd call it "The Ghosts of Christmas" for lack of a better name.

Devonshire said...

Christmas Vacation is one of my favorites...

First white - all reminding us of those blinding xmas lights that Clark puts up. As well as the lovely movable home that Randy and his family show up in with a lovely shade of rusty red to represent the shape that the RV is in.

Next would be a nice pool blue, for that swimming pool that Clark has been wanting to purchase with his xmas bonus. As well as representing the lovely leisure suit that Randy wears.

Next a bit of purple to represent the 'Jelly of the month Club'

Then of course a nice xmas red to represent the Soaring Santa - thanks to Uncle Lewis' cigar and Randy's very untraditional use of the street sewer.

And lastly a nice shade of light brown to represent the squirrel that holds the family hostage.

What a lovely idea for a contest. Also thanks making it 'easy' for me to answer one of the treasure hunt questions (those who dye). LOL

Beth said...

My favorite Christmas movie isn't a Christmas movie . . . it's "A Rugrats Chanukah" and is a great retelling of the miracle that is the Festival of Lights.

Here are the colors I would select (assistance from my husband who has seen the movie more than I have):

Gold/Yellow - The Pickles and their friends light a gold menorah and the yellow light signifies the miracle of Chanukah.

Brown - For the potato latkes and quote from Angelica. Angelica eats a Latke, not realizing that this pancake is made of potatoes: "Topatoes? What kind of bobo-head makes pancakes out of topatoes? "

Blue - Most of the kids wear this traditional Chanukah color while Grandpa Boris lights the menorah with them.

Kasia said...

My favourite Christmas movie is.... not really a Christmas movie but "Nightmare before Christmas" by Tim BUrton. I somehow find it absolutely adorable that Jack Skelington wants to bring Christmas into Halloween land (combining those two my favourite holidays)... I always said that I am weird ;)
Anyhow, as for colours I would go with red, green and black. Since the first two are such typical Christmas colour and black to underline the presence of Jack (who is black and white :P)

Angela said...

My favorite Christmas movie is a Nightmare Before Christmas. My favorite holiday to decorate for is Halloween, so this incorporates that as well!!

The colors I would choose would be white (Jack of course is a skeleton), Red for Zero's red nose (Jack's ghost dog), Orange - why for Halloween of course! Yellow for the big full moon. Bright green for Oogie Boogie. Can't leave out purple ... its my favorite color and purple and orange remind me of Halloween.

Ok so its supposed to be Christmas, but I already gave you the disclaimer that my favorite holiday is Halloween!!

Roma said...

My favorite Christmas movie is the original The Grinch Stole Christmas. I love the part where the Who people gathered on Christmas morning and sang around the no longer there tree, their voices singing and snow falling softly. When I picture Christmas I see white intermingled with shades of blue from the lightest shade to warm dark blue.

Knittymuggins said...

Oh dang! You already did "Elf" :) That's o.k. I love pretty much all Christmas movies, but I have to say, "A Christmas Story" is one of my very favorites - ever. My dad and I watch it together almost every year and every year I notice something new to make me laugh. I know this theme is probably getting boring for everyone since it's already been mentioned, but I do have a different color scheme I think. First, there would have to be Red because, after all, Ralphie's biggest Christmas wish is to have a Red Rider BB gun! Next would have to be Pink for the pink bunny suit Aunt Clara makes him (I know, someone beat me to this one, but it really has to be in there :). And lastly, White for the snow that Ralphie wakes up to all sparkly on Christmas morning (and also that falls at the closing of the movie). Of course, I am a bit biased because those colors together are one of my very favorite combinations :) Thanks for a fun contest!

Lori said...

I say the Grinch Who Stole Christmas is my favorite Christmas movie. I love the deep bass voice (is it James Earl Jones?) singing "You're a mean one, Mr. Grinch". I think the yarn should be lime green (for the Grinch), an evergreen-y sort of color for the Christmas tree he steals from the Whos in Whoville with red stripes to represent his heart which grew 3 sizes that day.

Laura said...

One of my favorites is the Muppet Family Christmas. It's out of print right now, but I remember watching it as a kid and loving it. As far as colors, I would have to say a lime green for Kermit, Pink for the Fraggles hair, blue for Cookie Monster, and white for the snow storm that brings all of Jim Henson's creations together.

Leigh said...

White Christmas with Bing Crosby and Rosemary Clooney. I love that movie! every Christmas I have to watch it and sing along. I would definitely make all white socks. boring but white socks suit the movie. All white with a very delicate lace pattern to depict the snowflakes...ahhh....i want to watch it now...

monnibo said...

Not exactly "Christmas"... but takes place around Christmas...
Edward Scissorhands

Te first colour is blue. A dark navy/royal blue. The blue also captures the sad tones in the movie.

The second colour would be black... because it's sort of a dark movie, and because of Edward's outfit (black leather and straps).

The third would be White or Silvery... for the snow... because this is a key element in the film. It's the thing that brings the movie full circle.

Kim-n-Cocoa said...

OMG It's an oldie but a goodie...
"It's a Wonderful Life." You can't get ANY more Xmas than that. I don't think that most of the colors that I see for this movie are 'typical' xmas colors but they DO show me the movie in my mind.

First: White. This for a few things. The snow scene, the wedding, the angels.

Second: Black. For the mean banker, for the dispair that Jimmy Stewart falls into.

Third: a silver/light grey/or even a pewterish color. For the bells that ring when the angels get their wings.

Fourth: Green. For the money that the poor, loving citizens give to help the family out. This stands for hope also.

Fifth: a touch of a reddish color. Not alot not something garish. But for the love that the town and the family shares. The love for Xmas.

This was a great contest/question and I have loved reading everyone's answers.

Mrs. Hipp said...

The Christmas season just isn't complete for me without at least one viewing of "The Sound of Music". It's not even a Christmas movie per se, but for as long as I can remember it has been on TV only at Christmas time. I remember watching it many times as a child and never knowing how it ended because I could only manage to stay awake through my favorite part - the yodeling marionettes! The colors I think of are sky blue and rich grass green for when Maria sings through the hills in the opening scene, black for the nun's habits, cream and olive for the play clothes made from discarded drapes, and cool gray for the children's uniforms. I hope this memory inspires you! Now I can't wait for Christmas either!

Sonya said...

One of my very favorite Christmas movies is The Charlie Brown Christmas. We watch it every time it is on tv even tho we own it.
The first color would be Linus Blue. To remind me of the words that Linus spoke during the Christmas pagent. Next would be green for the little tiny Christmas Tree that Charlie Brown picked out. All it needed was a little bit of love. Then some red for Snoopy's doghouse and the one red ball ornament that is put on the tree. Black and white, because we all love Snoopy.

Isobel said...

My favorite Christmas film is:

Christmas in Connecticut (1945)
with Barbara Stanwyck and Dennis Morgan.

Miss Stanwyck plays a Martha Stewart type who unfortunately has no domestic skills what so ever, even thought her magazine articles show otherwise. The majority of the film takes place on an idealic farm in Connecticut, with snow, huge fireplace, country kitchen, sleight rides, the perfectly decorated Christmas tree, and a Christmas barn dance. Denis Morgan plays an injured navy vet who comes to the farm for Christmas, it's a ratings stunt arranged by her publisher who also comes for Christmas - of course Barbara and Dennis fall in love.
The film is full of Christmas warmth and sentiment, with some sweet comedy, spousal confusion and patriotic spirit thrown in too. It's a wonderful holiday film.

Isobel said...

I forgot to include some colour choices for Christmas in Connecticut.

As it takes place on a Christmas farm in Connecticut, I would have a greens, snowy white, a firey reds.

Dave said...

I can't believe no one has picked Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Warm oaky brown (the deer), dark pine green (Xmas trees), shimmery, silvery white (the snow) and just a titch of bright blue-red (the nose!) (would be cool in one of those tencel blends so it shines!!)

Susan said...

Fun contest!
Okay...Love 'A Christmas Story'

Color would be red, green, gold and black

Red & Green for Christmas and Black & Gold for the leg lamp, seen here
Such a fantastic film!

Cindy said...

Well, gosh, my favorite is also A Christmas Story.

I'd choose these colors:

Charcoal - because it always cracks me up when 'the old man' fights with the furnace and the smoke comes up from the basement

Hound-dog brown - for when the Bumpus's dogs steal the beloved turkey

Pink - "Aunt Clara just always makes you the cutest things!" That bunny suit is classic.

Red - "A Red Ryder BB gun with a compass in the stock, and this thing which tells time."

Cheryl said...

A Christams Story red and green for the HOHOHO Santa and elves, charcoal for the furnance language and white for the frsoty fairytale quality of the Christmas morning snow

ange said...

A Christmas Story.

First a rich brown, for the bumpass hounds and the stolen turkey. That is too funny The poor old man, and his lost turkey.

A medium pink to represent the bunny pajamas and the kid's tongue stuck to the flagpole.

Then you need a golden hue to represent the glowing leg lamp.

Some white peeking through for the snow. And santa's beard.


Hanne said...

Actually, I found a video of Snowman from YouTube. This is unforgettable part of my Christimas and pretty song, as well.

vegasangelbrat said...

I use to really like Its a Wonderufl Life but now that Polar Express runs around our livingroom i have to go twith that movie being my all time fav and Hubby's..after all we're just just grown kids..
If to choose a colorway, it would have to be the Steel grey & brown colors for the train Hot Cocoa Yum!! and Midnight blue tones for the night sky and dreamland that all kids are suppose to be in Christmas Night...with White, cream or Bright Gold for Believe-ing in! with touches of purple becasue we (hubby & I) passionaltely love that movie!

Can't wait ot see what colorway becomes of this ocntest..Thanks for letitng me enter!

on the wings... said...

I have to say the 1954 movie "White Christmas".

Snow and cold are better represented by light blues (think of what an iceberg looks like...aqua blue tones) for the snow, which shows up at the end of the movie but is wished for throughout the movie at the inn in Vermont. A pine green with maybe a hint of brown to represent the mountains and inn in Vermont, as well as sipping hot cocoa outside on a walk in the pine forest. A tiny bit of brighter green melded into the other green/brown combo could represent the deep friendship of the army buddies coming together for the retired general at the end of the movie. A flush pink would represent the budding relationships of the four main characters (Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye, Rosemary Clooney,...--oh, I can't recall the other female actress--...), as well as the connection of the two female main characters playing sisters.

The movie is a "feel-good" movie that puts hope back into friendships and relationships, as well as lifts the heart with all the music (it is a musical). What a perfect combination to knit and put on your feet...puts a song in your step and warms you right up!

Laurie L.

Melissa said...

A Christmas Story

Blue - for the blue/grey scarf that mom wraps around Randy before she sends him off to school - the amount of yarn that went into that scarf is incomprehensible

Red - for the mom's hat she wears when they go to get a tree

stella said...

It is not Christmas until I get to see "The Grinch that Stole Christmas". The world stops turning during that half hour as far as I'm concerned. It just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy every time I watch the story unfold. That, and tail on the roast beast has me puzzled to this day..

As for the colors, You need to have the bright green for the Grinch (naturally, and additionally for the seasick crocodile..), purple, for the "moldy purple spots" on his heart, A bit of sky blue (for the color his eyes turn when he realizes that Christmas means a little bit more...), and a little neutral brown, for Max, the dog, without whom, the sleigh would be lost off the top of Mount Crumpet!

My father has a Christmas tie that pictures the Grinch tying the reindeer horn onto poor little Max's head.. and when he gets complimented on his Grinch tie, he corrects the compliment, saying, "It's my Max the dog tie."

You gotta love Max.

JavaNut said...

I hate to do a repeat, but I have to go with the Grinch, too. Colors would be:
- lime green for the grinch
- dark green for the trees he steals
- bubble-gum pink for the toys in Whoville
- red for Santa Suite
- white for snow, & fake beard

Can't wait to see what you select- great ideas!


lacewing said...

My favorite Christmas movie is...
A Christmas Carol (1999 with Patrick Stewart or 1984 with George C. Scott).

I think silvery gray for Ebenezer Scrooge, wine for Christmas past, and downy white for the Cratchit's goose would be an excellent translation for this movies poignant theme.

Anonymous said...

A Christmas Story, is a family favorite. The colors would need to be: light pink (for the bunny jammies), black (for the leg lamp), white (for all the gd snow), and blues for that gianormus scarf the little brother gets wrapped around his head. So:
lt pink, black, white, blue - but you would need to add your magic to make it pretty, of course. I need to get back to my Lost socks, my daughter saw me knitting them yesterday and loves them. Thanks for the beautiful colorways.

Karen said...

Wow, this is a tough one. I have lots of favorite Christmas films. I love nearly every permutation of "A Christmas Carol" I have ever seen, including the musical one we put on when I was in junior high. I love the Muppet version and the serious "acted by humans" versions, but I think my top pick has to be "Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol". It used to be on TV every year when I was a kid and now I have it on DVD and can still watch it every year. Now for the color ideas: warm rich woody brown for the warm happy times of Christmas past (and for young Ebeneezer's school desk); white for the frostiness of Christmas present (the snow and the loneliness): black for Christmas yet to come (since there is grief predicted); raspberry red for the "razzleberry dressing" that the Crachits sing about (and finally get to eat!) and sunrise yellow for Scrooge's conversion experience and subsequent happiness, as well as the happiness of the Crachit family and the survival of Tiny Tim. Hope that is not too philosophical. I bet it would make interesting yarn! Thanks for the opportunity of think of winter in August. - Karen

Robin said...

Okay, so my favorite has already been noted...but here goes:
It's A Wonderful Life...the old black & white version. Why? Because B & W leaves you to your imagination as to the colors you are seeing.
The colors I see? White with shades of steel blue & greys almost silvery if you will.
We know snow is white, but has that sky/steel blue tinge to it and at the end of the move when the little bell rings...that's silver...of course! That last part of the movies is my favorite part~~
"Teacher says, everytime a bell rings an angel gets it's wings"!
This is also why I hang a bell on my Christmas tree every year!

anne said...

My favorite Christmas movie is not a real Christmas movie, but I always have to see it around Christmas time to make my season complete:
Amelie (French movie)
It's such a nice, lovely story, almost a fairy tale about a young girl who want everyone around here to be happy.
And; I do love the colors, maybe it's because it makes me feel if I'm back in Paris: dark red, autumn green, chocolate brown..
All colors which makes you long for nice memories about the past year, which makes Christmas complete!

krisknit79 said...

I know it's a bit unconventional but one of my favorite christmas movies is Die Hard. Die Hard you ask, well here's why: 1) Nothing gets me into the holiday spirit more than watching Bruce Willis take out terrorists single handedly 2) it's a great reminder of what will happen to you if you become intoxicated at your office party and 3) it's set during the christmas season automatically making it a holiday film!

Color Scheme: Black & Silver for the builing motif and Red for Christmas

anne said...
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Alison said...

My fave is It's a Wonderful Life. I would like to see the yarn in soft monochrome (like the film) with flashes of red, green and gold. Just those little tiny flashes that would brighten your heart when you find one, just like the film does.

Anita said...

It's a Wonderful Life - I see the colors from the porch scene when they bless the new house - white for the salt, browns for the bread, burgundy for the wines. This is such a great blessing and would make beautiful yarn.

Anita said...

I have a second one. My family's favorite Christmas movie is The Night Before Christmas - a cartoon with a family of mice. This is one we all have to sit and watch together and we make sure we have a night for this (even with teenagers this is still important). The colors would be white for the snow, greens and reds of course for Christmas and soft grays for the mice. This would be perfect to knit Christmas socks for my boys. Anita

Phoebe said...

Since Rudolph is already taken, I thought that I would pick something a bit obscure and quirky..."Santa Claus Conquers the Martians."
And the colors would be traditional Christmas Red and snow white for Santa with large passes of the reed, less for the white, shiney black for his boots, smidge of gold but then at odd intervals...martian green.

kareno said...

White Christmas!!
Berry Red for those lovely velvet dresses; white for the timely snow; green for vermont pines;
a few long dashes of black or dark royal blue for the music. OR..

It's A Wonderful Life!!!
Green for the wreath!
White for Clarence!
Red for the money lost!
Silver for the bell that rings when an angel gets its wings and Pink for the love everyone gives to George Bailey in the end!