Thursday, July 19, 2007

Next week I am on vacation. Again. This is for our family reunion in Michigan. We're staying at a cottage on Lake Michigan near Saugatuck. It's not exactly a carefree vacation for me, since I'm the "middle" generation and it's sort of my job to be "cruise director", as we like to call it. I plan activities and meals and "take the emotional temperature" every once in awhile to keep relationships running smoothly. Sometimes it's a challenge since we have folks from 2 weeks old to 85 years old! Mostly it's wonderful and this year we even have air conditioning so that will feel like a luxury.

My goal is to finish my sockapalooza socks while I am there! I am actually feeling too tired to get ready to go on vacation again, but somehow I'll pull it off and I know it will be worth it. See you in a week, Jana


Sonya said...

Have a great time! Keep'em covered in sunscreen.

Jen said...

We have a "wild" reunion coming up in two weeks as well. I feel your pain, um I mean, share your happiness. :) Have fun and be safe!!