Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Artists' Retreat in New Mexico

Last week I was in southern New Mexico at a week long painting retreat. The workshop, led by Kim English, focused on painting figures in the landscape and we worked primarily outside - en plein air.
It was very challenging and since it was my first opportunity to paint figures... I don't think you'll see any of my workshop paintings displayed here!
I do know, though, that in the future I will definitely be confident enough to add figures to my paintings. Small ones.
The photo is of my good painting friends and I. We meet only once a year or less but drop right back into our good friendships whenever we are together. We talk about our art work for HOURS on end! I'm the one on the far left.


Miss said...

Hi Pal! I'm so glad to hear you had a good time on your trip, it looks like a great time. Hope all is well with knitting and life.

Your SP10

Cheryl said...

So that is where you were hiding...looks like you had a great time...the socklings are on their way back to you....thanks for letting me indulge in the are coming up with colorways so quickly...they are all gorgeous!!!

sunneshine said...

What a wonderful trip!! I wanted to comment on your shopping post, but only find it on bloglines... The quilts are amazing, so beautiful!! (Where do you find the time?)